1xbet is rightly considered the main bookmaker in Eastern Europe, and the company has long gone beyond its borders, offering more than fifty language versions of its site. But the site is more for those who sit at the computer, and a modern office is obliged to focus on mobile, active people. To provide its clientele with one hundred percent comfort from using its own services, the company has created the 1xbet app - perfection in your pocket.

iOS: instructions for downloading and installing

The 1xbet website has a dedicated page dedicated to the 1xbet app download issue. It contains separate links for downloading software for different operating systems. If you want to get to this page from a PC, on any page of the site, click on the characteristic smartphone emblem.

In the case of a light version of the site, which is opened immediately on the mobile, you don't have to go anywhere at all. 1xbet mobile version can determine the type of device used, identifies the operating system, and offers a direct download link on the fly.

Did you manage to close the banner with the offer, but now you changed your mind and still want the 1xbet app? So this is not a problem - open, again, the site on mobile, scroll down the main page, and you will see the "Mobile Applications" button. It leads to the page that we looked at from the PC point of view above.

Wherever you press the button with the globally recognizable bitten apple, you will be redirected to the official app store. The AppStore does not prevent developers from uploading their creations here, even if they have clear gambling overtones. Just click the Get button and you can 1xbet app download in seconds. Then it remains only to log in or register an account - and you can use it!

Actually, all this could be done directly through the AppStore by entering the name of the office in the search bar.

Android: instructions for downloading and installing

At first, the principle of downloading the 1xbet app android is no different from what was described above, so we will not even duplicate screenshots. The client can go to the software download page both on the desktop version of the site and on the mobile, or he can simply tap on the banner that he sees at the bottom of the light version of the site when visiting from a smartphone. The only way that is not available to a user with this operating system is direct download through the official app store.

The fact is that Google Play is more principled than colleagues and eternal competitors - it is not supposed to post gambling content here. 1xbet apk is undoubtedly such because it offers bets for real money - therefore, this software does not exist in the app store. By clicking the corresponding button on the bookmaker's website, you start a direct download from the 1xbet servers, and then you will have to manually search for apk in the file system and start the installation.

And that's not all - the system may not like the user's attempt to install a third-party application, which came from nowhere. More precisely, the described reaction in the form of a warning will appear guaranteed if you have always downloaded software on this device only from PlayMarket. However, Android developers are loyal to the weaknesses of users, therefore, at the bottom of the warning window, there will be a button to go to the settings. By clicking it, you will see a toggle switch that allows (or prohibits) the installation of applications from "unknown sources". We trust our source, so we put the toggle switch in the appropriate position and continue with the installation. If the installation process had time to be interrupted, we look for 1xbet apk again and run it again.

Why do I need a mobile application?

Such a question could only be asked by a person who already knows that, in addition to the application, the office has an excellent 1xbet mobile version. You've probably seen it yourself while trying to install the software. Without over-praising it, let's say that it is fully functional - that is, you can not download anything, but just open the site in a smartphone browser. The display will adjust to your screen resolution, the controls will move conveniently, and the player will be able to replenish the account, place bets, withdraw money, and even watch broadcasts! It would seem, what else is needed?

However, the 1xbet app, with all the external similarities, is still not identical to the mobile site. There are some minimal differences in the features of the work, which indicate that the program will be needed in many cases.

  • When you want to work faster. Whoever plays live knows how important it is: the jackpot can be cut if, at the moment of violation, the penalty is predicted faster than the bookmaker. A second of delay - and the office will correct the coefficients, which means that a big jackpot will hit. 1xbet app will not increase your reaction speed, but it will slow down a little less than a mobile site. The reason is simple: with the application installed, the phone already contains all the libraries necessary for the normal display of the interface, otherwise, they would have to be downloaded again with each visit. The program gives you that second that can radically change the number of your winnings!
  • When there are few megabytes in the package. Actually, and when there were a lot of them, unlimited packages are still not very common, and any limited number of gigabytes tends to run out. The application will not give space savings in traffic against the background of the 1xbet mobile site, but in a situation where the client is strictly limited by limits, it is better to initially save each megabyte. Let us repeat: the software does not download libraries many times, because its traffic consumption is minimal.
  • When the internet signal is weak. Imagine: you are driving underground in the subway, you are bored, and you decide to keep yourself busy with betting. An excellent coefficient in live mode catches your eye, you urgently poke at it, but at that moment you find yourself in an area with poorer coverage, the signal is delayed, and as a result, the bet is counted, but with a different coefficient - a penalty has already been assigned, a goal has been scored (or canceled ), they gave a red card. So you can stop loving betting! Was it worth it to be so disappointed if you could just 1xbet app download? Above, we examined why the program consumes less traffic - by the same logic, it is much easier for it to work in conditions of poor coverage.

Promotions and bonuses in the application

The 1xbet administration does not set itself the goal of luring everyone into the 1xbet app - it does not care how you use the bookmaker's services, as long as the client is comfortable. Accordingly, no awards are given for downloading and installing software - that would be strange, and even with signs of discrimination. It's another matter that no one restricts mobile bettors by prohibiting them from participating in the bonus program - on the contrary, it is possible and necessary to participate in it! It is quite extensive and is often updated, so we will focus only on the most interesting points.

If you decided to 1xbet app download for the first time, and before that did not have an account at all, then you can immediately receive additional benefits from registration. The company's welcome bonus is up to 100 euros - how much you top up, the administration will add to the bonus account on your behalf! Of course, there are certain conditions - you must not just register, but must fill in all the fields of the questionnaire and go through verification. You should also make sure that the player has ticked the box "I want to participate in promotions" - check in your personal account if this has been done. Only then top up your account, and the gift will come automatically!

Bonus funds in the 1xbet app cannot be withdrawn just like that - after all, they were issued not just as a gift, but for bets. But the reward is not limited to moral benefit alone - you can also get material benefit if you manage to fulfill the wagering requirements. The bottom line is this: the amount of the bonus must be set in five times the amount. Only bets on the express are counted as wagering, and on a rather risky one - at least three events in the coupon, the coefficient for each separately - not less than 1.4. It is not worth pulling with wagering - the bonus will burn out after 30 days if the user is still unable to pick it up. If the conditions are met, the bonus is transferred to the client's main account - dispose of it further as you wish.

Another sensible, and most importantly, permanent offer from the 1xbet app is called the express of the day. There is no longer the concept of the minimum coefficient - the express bets of the day (up to several dozen pieces daily) are collected by the administration itself, choosing events that occur plus or minus in parallel. Agree to such a risk or not - decide for yourself, but if the bookmaker collected the express himself, and you agreed to it and won, then the odds will receive an additional 10% margin!

The office still has many tempting offers up its sleeve, but all of them are fleeting, so we will not describe them. To find out the terms of current promotions, open the corresponding section of the 1xbet mobile application.

Bets via the mobile app: instructions

The main 1xbet app has two tabs - Sports and Live. Switching between them, you can study the line separately for those events that are only planned so far and those that have already begun. By default, the top events are shown - those that are in maximum demand by the public. They are shown in the form of informative cards, immediately with clickable coefficients for the outcome, double outcome, handicap, and total - just scroll the quotes left and right. Want more markets? Then tap on the name of the event, and you will see the full list.

If your event is not the top one, you will have to search for it in the line using filters. There are several ways to do this. Firstly, at the very top, under the Lines and Live tabs, there are large colored buttons - "All sports", "Long-term bets", and then "Football", "Tennis", "Basketball" and so on. Secondly, below you can select the "Leagues" tab - if the concept "Top" applies only to the next day, then in the "Leagues", you can find absolutely any already scheduled match.

If you come across an interesting event, but it is easier to postpone deciding on the rate until later, put an asterisk next to its name. You can find such events later on the main page, in the Favorites tab, and any events with the participation of teams or athletes that you have chosen as your favorites can automatically go there.

Payment Methods

1xbet mobile software offers British citizens more than forty destinations for conducting financial transactions, replenishment of the account, and withdrawal of winnings. To be fair, almost all of them are cryptocurrency payments, but there are a few exceptions for those who prefer fiat currencies. You can manage your account using Visa / MasterCard, Jeton or Skrill e-wallet, ecoPayz or Neteller payment system, Flexepin vouchers.

The minimum deposit amount in all directions is 1 euro - even if you pay in cryptocurrencies, which a priori do not have a standard fiat equivalent, the amount is simply converted at the current rate. The maximums in the 1xbet app are not specified, but it is known that the transfer is instantly credited to the account. The bookmaker does not take a commission from replenishment, but this does not mean that it is not charged by the payment systems themselves, so be careful.

About withdrawals, the minimum limit of the 1xbet app will already be slightly higher - for a successful transaction you need at least 1.5 euros. In this case, the bookmaker itself does not charge any commission either. It is difficult to name the exact term for crediting the payment, therefore in most directions, it is indicated approximately - as a quarter of an hour. The exception is bank cards, for which the difference in terms of crediting is huge - it can be either 1 minute or 7 days

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