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Perhaps even people quite far from sports betting, heard about the Betway brand because it is not being a world leader in the industry, still close to the top. The company has been one and a half decades, and during this time uninterruptedly to success, overcoming obstacle after obstacle. One of the most right steps in its development strategy was the creation of a full-fledged betway mobile app, allowing customers to bet at any convenient location.

I have iOS: how to download and install?

To begin with, betway app download is, in principle, not a mandatory procedure - if you are not a supporter of cluttering the device's memory with separate programs for everything, just use the lightweight interface! It's very easy to do: open any convenient browser on your phone, enter your usual browser, and voila - the page loads so that everything fits on the small screen! The functionality in the browser is not curtailed - on the contrary, the visitor can register or log in, replenish the account and place a bet, withdraw money in case of winning. Of course, he has the right to participate in the bonus program.

However, there is a category of users for whom the use of the betway sports app is fundamental, and later in the article, we will even consider why. The administration of the bookmaker went to meet such users by creating special software. There are at least three ways to find it:

  • open the desktop version of the site, scroll down, find the Sports Betting App section, and in it click on the bitten apple;
  • visit the light version of the site from the mobile - at the top, as shown in the screenshot above, a banner will immediately appear offering to download the betway sports app, immediately for your OS, which the system has already recognized;
  • open the AppStore and enter the name of the bookmaker in the search bar, and then click "Get" next to the issue result.

In the first two cases, the user will in any case be redirected to the AppStore, because the download of applications on the iOS is carried out only through the official store. It is convenient - sitting at the MacBook, you can install the betway app on your iPhone without picking it up.

I have Android: how to download and install?

In the case of the main competitor IOS, the situation is almost completely identical - you can do without betway app android download, simply using the mobile version of the site. If this option does not suit the client, he carries out the betway app download apk exactly as described above - either from the desktop version of the site or from the mobile one by tapping on the banner.

The difference is that it is useless to search for betway android apk in PlayMarket - the administration of the site does not consider it legal to host programs that provide access to gambling. Therefore, the installation file is downloaded from the bookmaker's servers. When launching the download on a PC, be prepared for the file to be downloaded to the computer, and then it will still need to be transferred to a pocket gadget.

By default, the operating system will be unhappy with attempts to establish betway app apk - it was originally set up to applications from "unknown sources" (read "everywhere except PlayMarket») perceive as potentially dangerous. However, Android developers are more loyal to the users and their whims, because enable you to change this setting. At the bottom of the window, a warning about the possible adverse effects of the installation "is not clear where the downloaded» betway apk, proposed transition option in the system setup. Go there and switch the toggle switch that allows you to run programs from any source.

It is possible that on some phones the installation process may get lost, but a second betway apk download will not be required. After reconfiguring the gadget, simply find the previously downloaded betway app android in the file system and run it again. The process should now be complete successfully!

Why is it worth downloading a mobile application?

Above, we examined the advantages of the light version of the site, which allows you to use all the options from the bookmaker without clogging up the phone's memory. It would seem, why do you need a separate betway sports app in such conditions? However, experienced bettors are often principled in their choice - they prefer to install separate software. After asking them about the reasons for this position, you can conclude that the program has some advantages over a mobile site.

  • Improved responsiveness. The browser of a mobile phone is designed to open absolutely any pages on the Internet, it does not have a certain pre-installed layout of such a page, therefore, with each visit to the site, it downloads all the files of which it consists. Instead, the betway sports app is designed only to work with a bookmaker, therefore it can afford to download only text information. The software “knows” in advance how the page should look, what colors the interface uses, how the event cards are drawn up - this information is stored in the memory of the gadget, and does not come from the Internet every time anew. That is why the program provides faster page loading. If you love live betting and understand the meaning of every second, the betway app simply has no alternatives.
  • Reduced traffic consumption. Over the years, operators offer customers more and more gigabytes in starter packs, but this does not make them enough, and many have to save traffic. Above we have seen how the betway sports app, using the pre-installed libraries, manages to do without the huge consumption of megabytes. In fact, each loaded page for the program is a text document, and nothing more, while the site would be loaded with all the design.
  • Improved stability in poor coverage conditions. Even if you do not leave the metropolis and are accustomed to the fact that the mobile Internet is perfectly catching everywhere, all the same, somewhere in the subway or basement, the coverage may not reach, or the connection there will be slower. Imagine that there is an interesting match going on right now, and you are eager to place a bet at the most convenient moment. The betway app, which generally consumes less traffic, is more likely to help the bettor in his quest. A competitor in the face of a mobile site is likely to refresh the page with some delay in such conditions, and the unique opportunity to deliver will be lost.

After all, there simply cannot be any good reason for the modern user to abandon the betway sports app. Previously, opponents of applications appealed to the fact that there is not much memory in the gadget to litter it right and left, but today it is difficult to find a device with a built-in volume of less than 32 GB. Hundreds of such programs would fit here, so there will certainly be a place for the betway app.

Bonus program

Let's put it bluntly: the betway bonus program can hardly be called truly diverse, but it exists and is another argument for being a client of the office. The bookmaker does not specifically promote the use of the betway sports app, therefore there is no talk of special promotions for mobile users. However, fairness is observed in the sense that, using the program, you can participate in any promotions that the office conducts for all of its equal clients.

Once you have registered, you can get a gift-free bet. Its amount depends on the size of your first deposit (they are identical to within 30 pounds), but the e-wallet is not a priori involved - update your account with a credit card or PayPal. Add funds should be at least 10 pounds, it's time to give a week from the date of registration. To get the promised bonus, it is necessary not just to update your account, and immediately place a bet through the betway sports app or website for the full amount. Qualifying bet must meet certain conditions - single bet on the coefficient can not be below 1.75, in the expression of every event must have a minimum 1.4 ratio.

The gift risk-free rate is charged to the player almost immediately after qualifying bets will be calculated. Roleplaying free bet no requirements are not pushing, but gamblers should take into account that the body of such a rate is not refundable under any circumstances - be transferred to the main account gains, net of the amount in dispute. Thus, reliance on a free bet by a factor of 1.1 is likely to go down, but the benefit will be minimal - no more than 3 pounds.

User betway sports app can receive free bets more often - literally two weekly, on Saturdays and Mondays. Their size, however, will be more modest - only 5 pounds, but why should you give up? To participate it is necessary not so much - weekly (from Saturday to Friday) to rely on the express (not the system!), Consisting of at least three events. The total coupon rate should be at least 3.0, but it is not too risky for the expression of the three events. Put on a rapid should be at least 25 pounds. Use accrued free bet should be within a week, the winning bid will be credited to the account of a net free bet.

For a more detailed description of all current promotions, see the betway app or website.

How can I put money on my phone via the app?

The Betway sports app is designed so that you can place a bet in just a couple of taps across the screen. All you need to add an event to a coupon is just to point your finger at the odds you like. Where can I find it? There are many places - for example, on the main page, already played out, as well as the most interesting events from among those that will begin today, were initially placed. The odds for the outcome are shown right in their cards, a more detailed list can be seen by clicking on the name of the event.

If your event starts in a more distant future than today, sequentially choose the sport, then the host country (or continent), because of the tournament. A match may be absent from the betway app if it is still too long to wait or if it does not apply to one or two next rounds.

If you want to place an express, add several events to the coupon one after the other. When the coupon, according to the client, is ready (regardless of whether there is one event or several), enter the bet amount in it and confirm the conclusion of the deal.

Payment Methods

The Betway app offers the same wide range of deposit and withdrawal destinations as the desktop site. The set of directions, given the large-scale international character of the bookmaker, has many directions, but their list is not identical for different countries. The table below shows the destinations that will be most convenient for UK residents.

Bank cards

Visa, MasterCard, Trustly

Electronic wallets

PayPal, Skrill

Payment systems

Neteller, Giropay

Prepaid cards


The betway sports app is characterized by an unusually high standardization of transaction conditions, regardless of the chosen direction. The minimum deposit usually starts from 10 pounds, there are no strict restrictions on the amount of withdrawal, or the office does not inform about them in advance. The commission is not charged either when making a deposit or when withdrawing a win - more precisely, it can be charged by the payment system, but certainly not by the bookmaker itself. The term for crediting deposits is described as instant, and for withdrawals, it is almost always indicated as “within an hour”. Against this background, Trustly stands out, where they also promise to make withdrawals instantly.

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