Bwin: the Austrian sports betting company that conquered the world

A person who is even slightly interested in sports has probably heard of the Bwin brand. Even if he is not interested in betting or not familiar with the bookmaking market, it does not matter, because this company has worked with football clubs level of Real Madrid and Milan, whose T-shirt was dealt its logo as the main sponsor, as well as the Turin Juventus and Inter Milan. Such eminent partners would not cooperate with the dubious office just for the money - hence making the logical conclusion that Bwin is really worth it to be a leader.

Bwin review

Now it's hard to believe, but Bwin started back in 1997 as a small firm, which employs only 12 people. The company was founded in Vienna and received a "speaking" name "betandwin", which only after ten years of successful operation has been reduced to the current, familiar to everyone.

Site for sports betting firms have appeared in the next, in 1998 - until the future Bwin still scratching their heads over what type of gambling activity would bring her more profit. As shown by the future, the decision proved to be correct, but the brand would not be able to shoot well, if not insane at the time innovation - on the site Bwin you can bet on matches in the live mode! The new approach would not work, but it worked, because in 2000 the company appeared on the stock exchange in Austria, and in 2001 first entered the foreign market (in Gibraltar, where it now houses one of the offices), and then launched its own online casino.

In subsequent years Bwin, which received its current name in 2006, gradually expanded its presence by buying foreign gambling sites one at a time and get all new licenses. Due to smart advertising campaigns using the sporting clubs and whole leagues brand literally ingrained in the minds of hundreds of millions of people around the world, it has become synonymous with the rates as such. Today it is one of the largest betting companies and online casinos in the world, operating income in the amount of hundreds of millions of euros annually.

How do I register at Bwin?

Bwin login with a further opportunity to put real money is not available to a person who has not even been registered. Make it a must - at least for the bonuses, which promise good additional benefits in addition to the one that will bring your intuition and a good understanding of the sport.

The registration button, like many other bookmaker sites, is located on the right side of the site header. Clicking on it will see just such a mini-questionnaire, which asks only to a potential client residing and their email address. But the administration's inquiries about Bwin's new customer will certainly not end there.

During the further successive steps the system will ask to come up with a password, and then - to indicate the form of address to him (Mr or Mrs, with no third option), and the name of the name. The next step - an indication of their own age, and Bwin immediately warns that have no right to register users under 18 years, and will not do. They will also ask for a phone number and address.

We warn you against the introduction of wrong data or which you do not get to document. Bwin log in without further verification is possible unless formally - the user can enter, recharge and even bet, but take the money can not be. Similarly, do not get any Bwin bonus, and prolonged absence of verification can become a reason for blocking the account.

This is not just a whim, because the company is committed to complying with the law, and must ensure that the user - is really an adult. In addition, Bwin does not allow multi-accounting or registration of two or more clients living at the same address, and that is what caused the severity of checks in question.

Bwin welcome offer: is it there at all

Some gamblers like to intentionally change the bookmakers simply to get a bonus for signing up. However, Bwin welcome offer no slight disappointment not do, because it does not exist! More precisely, the company offers a bonus of 200 dollars or euros for the registration, but this proposal concerns the section of the online casino. If we are looking for is sports betting, then no bonuses, and, as of this writing, even transient. Section bonuses looked like in the photo - that is, it is dedicated exclusively to poker and casino.

However, in many respects is based on the provider's policy is to offer players a personal Bwin bonus. Sign up, log in, recharge and make some bets - let the system understand that you're interested in the sport. In the future, the site will automatically offer you exactly the promotions and bonuses, which for you, probably, it would be interesting to take part.

Bwin mobile apps

Bwin betting for many contemporary people had become a full-fledged part of life, and the bookmaker, of course, is ready to fully support it. So that clients can make sports bets at any convenient time, not just when they have access to a PC, the administration has made its own site by a portable screen of small devices. It turns out something like the picture below - everything is very compact and convenient, always at hand. No opportunities at the same time have not been cut - the user does not need to re-register with Bwin, he can simply log in using the usual log in and password, bet and win. Withdrawal of funds, of course, is also available - ie, bettors do not need a PC or a separate mobile application!

It is noteworthy that Bwin mobile applications also exist, but to find them on the site manually so easy, it is wiser to use search engines, writing in Google something like «Bwin app». According to the first link is detected firmware application for Android, laid out directly on the official site office. In another way, simply will not work, because the Play Market does not allow to place at the application of gambling content. On the same page is painted in detail what to do to the user whose phone does not want to trust "programs from unknown sources."

Concerning uploading the firmware application for iOS, this task from a technical point of view is a little easier to solve. It is not surprising, because the AppStore is not so principled and allows developers to upload software, even reckless, to that application, and Bwin is present in the official store. To find it there, use Google as described above, or first, open the AppStore on the device where you want to download the program, and is already here in the search box, type in «Bwin».

Payment options

Someone from bettors today considered it a disadvantage for the bookmaker, if that does not work with cryptocurrency, however, the market leaders are in no hurry to introduce this innovation in their work, and Bwin also adheres to this policy. But, given the company's presence in so many countries of the world, a set of options for gaming account fiat currencies is quite extensive. If we talk about the UK, the most promising and look comfortable areas such as banking via Visa / MasterCard, e-wallets Skrill / Neteller and PayPal, as well as bank transfer. If you personally do not like it all, it is advisable to look into the section on funding the account, and conclusions - there are a lot of other options, one of which certainly looks interesting.

In terms of recharge almost all areas supported by Bwin, look the same. The user can not update your account to an amount less than 10 euros, the upper limit in most areas is 10 thousand euros. Do you want to just charge more - then use, for example, bank transfer, because there is a limit raised to 70,000. Regardless of the chosen method, the commission will not be charged almost anywhere, and the transfer will happen immediately but the same bank transfer, which will have to wait 2 days.

The findings have Bwin similar situation - Commission also did not take almost anywhere, the minimum amount is 10 euros, and the average waiting time - up to one hour. Each of these rules may be the exception, but the real chaos reigns regarding the upper limits of the output of money. Let us dwell on the fact that credit cards make it possible to withdraw up to 35 thousand euros, PayPal and the Skrill - up to 10 thousand, Neteller - up to 50 thousand, and bank transfer - up to 2 million euros at a time!


Unable to recharge the game account Bwin credit card, why?

Apparently, you have missed something, but since April 2020, the UK passed a law prohibiting replenish accounts with bookmakers and online casinos with the help of credit cards. In this way, the state is trying to protect people with gambling addiction, who, in the pursuit of the opportunity to win, can lose even the money that does not belong to them.

Can I change my deposit limit myself at Bwin?

Yes, because the company does not seek to promote Gamblers and wants to put clients consciously, without getting into debt. You can reduce your own deposit limit instantly - the system will automatically accept the changes. Immediately raise the limit will not work - it gives operators 24 hours.

How much commission will have to pay for the withdrawal from Bwin?

By itself, the bookmaker will never charge any fees to the winning customer - how much money you have on your account, you can withdraw as much. However, among those payment systems, cooperates with Bwin, there are at least two, which charge a fee even with incoming payment. They are relatively unpopular in the UK, but you have the right to know about them: Diners Club (2,5 Euros per payment) and Webmoney (3% fee).

Why, when withdrawing funds from Bwin, the money was credited to my account, but not to the one for which I applied?

This may be due to security policies, which try to stick to the administration of the majority of bookmakers and online casinos. The bottom line is this: you can withdraw money only to those details with which to replenish before because it cuts off the scam. If you have added new details and just want to conclude them, although I did not make out the completions, the security service can send money to your other details.


Bwin review can not be considered complete as long as we are not familiar with the views of customers themselves on the activities of the bookmaker. For nearly a quarter-century of its existence, of her written millions of reviews on the Internet, and it is based on them should try to make some kind of overall picture of why this brand - somewhere very near the top. Among the most frequently cited positive aspects include:

  • the brand has a long history of success, much talking about its experience, and also boasts a solid reputation, which is just not worth it to lose for the sake of small short-term gain, ill-gotten;
  • live-betting on sports once made Bwin the real king of the gambling market, and the company still exerts great efforts to painting in live mode was perfect, and the coefficients rapidly evolved in the context of what is happening on the field;
  • Bwin's lineup is, in principle, wide enough not to get bored - there are dozens of sports and hundreds of tournaments, and even for matches of minor competitions, many conditions for your potential victory are spelled out;
  • Support service works quite sensitive and responsive, it can help to resolve any issues arising from the user during use of the website or mobile application.

Critics Bwin address is not so much - it is true, for example, that in some areas there is a commission payment, but the blame for this, of course, not the bookmaker. Sometimes there is also criticism on the work of some customer service departments, but the English-language service, they do not touch. Hence we conclude that Bwin can be a great partner to bet on sports!

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