Betway: one of the best ways to bet

Established in 2005, Betway has been committed to gradually expanding its reach to the world's betting markets. The company's package now includes a solid set of licenses from many reputable government agencies, so users in many countries use the brand's services quite legally. In particular, this is the case with Betway UK.

Betway review

In various sources, the year of Betway's founding may be indicated as 2005 or 2006, but in any case, this is not a new bookmaker - the brand first entered the market a whole decade and a half ago. It is almost impossible to determine the clear affiliation of an office to any particular country because it has all the characteristics of an international one, but it is clear that the main market for it in Great Britain. Thus, the head offices are located in Malta and the island of Guernsey, and their support is carried out from London, from the Isle of Man, as well as from South African Cape Town. Thus, the company's ambitions may not be global, but they are definitely not limited to one continent.

To be honest, there are not many bookmakers who would approach the issue of their own licensing so seriously in various countries. Betway, in addition to the British and Maltese licenses, which in themselves open many doors, acquired a dozen more national licenses in other states. Eight of them are located in Europe, and the other two are South African (logically, since there is an office there) and Mexican. Having received such permissions, the corporation seeks to provide all types of gambling services, including sports and e-sports betting, as well as online casinos.

To make its name more recognizable, Betway regularly enters into sponsorship contracts with various sports teams. Now the most recognizable partners of the brand are English West Ham and the South African rugby team, with which the agreement was signed literally in August 2021. Sponsorship contracts at one time were also concluded with other English football clubs, some NBA and NHL teams, as well as in other sports. The company also sponsored a whole football tournament, namely the Belgian Football Cup

How to register with betway?

When it comes to a fully licensed British bookmaker, it is naive to expect that some of the clients will be able to bypass the KYC principle. This is even theoretically impossible because Betway will gladly refuse a few obstinate clients who overly value the privacy of their own data, just so as not to lose the most prestigious gambling license. In other words, be ready to put out all the information you can about yourself, and get ready to document the data

The first section of the Betway registration form does not seem complicated - you just need to indicate what you have invented with a user and password, as well as specify your email address. In the second section, the administration is already interested in personal data, specifying the form of appeal (mister, Mrs or miss), name and surname, as well as the date of birth. The third block is contact information, including the full address and mobile phone. Even lower, you can immediately set limits for yourself for a day, a week, and a month, if you are afraid that you will play too much and lose all your money. Oddly enough, only at the very bottom do they ask which language is more convenient for you, and also offer to choose a currency. Below you need to put two checkmarks - that you want to receive a welcome bonus, and that you have the right to access gambling by age and have read all the terms and conditions.

Please note that lying in the case of Betway is definitely not worth it, because the procedure for verifying the identity of a new client is mandatory. The administration is guaranteed to ask you to send photos of documents confirming both your identity and your address. Even if you filled out the questionnaire honestly, but you cannot document it, blame yourself, this is a ban

Betway welcome offer

Registering a new user account at Betway is worth at least the welcome bonus provided by the administration for those who register for the first time. The rules are written very simply: how much you replenish your account for the first time, you will get a risk-free bet on this. It is not subject to wagering, but the amount of the bet itself will be deducted - that is, in case of a win, the bettor will take the winnings from which the bet itself is deducted. The maximum risk-free bet is € 30. Here, however, there is a pitfall - although the banner with this offer hangs on the main page, the conditions stipulate that players from the UK (and many other countries) do not apply for it. If you are registering just for the sake of this, and you can legally submit yourself as a resident of another country, it is better to do so.

To get a risk-free bet, you must first fund your account with at least € 10. This must be done within a week from the date of registration. If you have previously had an account with Betway, even if you have long lost access to it, you cannot re-register and count on a bonus. Likewise, you will not be able to register and claim a bonus if someone from the people who live with you at the same address has previously registered an account without even receiving a welcome bonus.

Although there is no wagering in the classical sense of the word, and Betway will credit the bonus to your main account after the first win, there are requirements for the bet itself. Firstly, it must be wagered entirely at one time - that is, the amount of the reward cannot be beaten across several bets. If you are betting on a single, then the minimum odds should be 1.75. In a multi bet, each of the events must have a coefficient of at least 1.4. The same coefficient is allowed if you bet a single bet that the team will win the tournament or take a certain place in it

Betway mobile apps

One of the important factors in Betway's global success is that the bookmaker is ready to meet the client's needs, supporting the development of modern technologies. Don't want to be tied to a stationary PC? Do you move a lot and would like to be constantly updated with the opportunity to bet on your favorite athletes? Such an opportunity is provided by the administration of the office, which has especially worked to ensure that all the functionality is available on a smartphone.

To begin with, it is not necessary to download any software to the gadget. By simply opening a browser on your mobile and entering the address, you can open the Betway page and use all its features. Thanks to modern programmers, the interface "understands" what are the dimensions of the device's display and adjusts to them.

If you find using a mobile application more convenient, then there is such an option as well. You won't have to search for a link to download the program for a long time - as soon as you open the Betway website on your mobile device, a banner will immediately appear at the top offering you to download the software. Again, everything is done very thoughtfully - the website of the office understands what operating system you are using and offers to download software for your phone in one click. Just tap on the banner and follow the system prompts

There is no consensus on how best to use Betway. The mobile version of the site is convenient, first of all, because you do not need to download anything - this is a win-win option for owners of gadgets with a small amount of built-in memory. As for the application, it is considered more economical in terms of Internet consumption, and for the same reason, it works a little more stable in conditions of imperfect coverage

Payment options

With a worldwide presence and a convenient sports betting platform, Betway is committed to providing the widest possible choice of payment destinations. Although, of course, there is another strategy - instead of supporting hundreds of different payment systems, you can focus on those areas that are definitely in demand. This bookmaker on its main page, for example, focuses on the fact that it accepts Visa and MasterCard bank cards, bank transfers, as well as deposits from Skrill and Neteller e-wallets. In the same way, you can withdraw the legitimate winnings. This, of course, is not a complete list of all directions, but 90% of users will be happy with this too.

The menu for replenishment and withdrawal of funds is located in the personal account - it is there that the gambler can initiate one or another payment operation. When planning a deposit or withdrawal, please note that the limits are set not so much by the bookmaker itself as by payment systems. For this reason, the minimum top-up almost everywhere is £ 10, and when using Skrill, for example, only £ 5. The same differences apply to the maximum replenishment of the Betway account - with the "standard" 50 thousand, Skrill will only miss 5 at a time.

With conclusions - the same story. A big plus of Betway is that it allows you to make withdrawals from only 10 pounds, but through Skrill, you will never withdraw less than 250! The maximum withdrawal almost everywhere is 100 thousand pounds, but even here Skrill stood out for the worse, offering a limit of 2.5 thousand.

The bookmaker estimates the timing of almost all transactions at 1-7 days, and only a bank transfer is faster - 1-3 days. In fact, all these frames are very abstract, because both replenishments and withdrawals in practice can take literally a few minutes


Does Betway allow you to bet live?

Naturally - for any modern bookmaker, this is an item of the mandatory program. For the bettor, such a bet is beneficial in that he can make a forecast based on what is happening on the field, and not starting from interesting, but abstract statistics. At the same time, the margin in life is always slightly higher than in the prematch - this rule applies to all bookmakers.

Does Betway have live streams?

Yes, but you should definitely not perceive it as a universal TV - far from all matches and tournaments are accompanied by broadcasts. Betway is more likely to broadcast minor tournaments - those that have not been bought out by major media corporations. But even that is better than nothing at all.

Betway is cutting the limits for successful players?

We have met user claims that this office does not like professional players, and is not ready to share with you the joy of regular winnings. Since there are a lot of such comments on the network, we draw a disappointing conclusion: yes, Betway can really cut the limits if you win too often and too much.


Betway is one of the few bookmakers that needs no introduction at all. Even if you have previously heard only the name of the brand, but do not know anything about it, reviews on thematic forums will help you quickly get an objective picture of it. Thanks to the experience of the company's clients, you can understand what its strengths are, and what pitfalls may be in cooperation with it. Wanting to give readers an objective picture, we have collected these reviews together, and highlighted the following key advantages of the bookmaker:

• it is a completely legal company with a good reputation, from which you definitely do not have to expect any fraud;

• immediately after registration, a new user is presented with a risk-free bet, which helps to start more confidently and immediately get additional benefits;

• replenishment of the account is possible using all the most popular methods, the withdrawal of winnings is carried out relatively quickly, in full and without commissions;

• the coverage of sporting events is wide enough, so even a player with non-trivial preferences will be able to bet on their favorite athletes;

• different types of gambling entertainment are presented on the Betway platform, therefore, having fallen into a period of sports "calm", the user can try his luck at an online casino instead of betting.

Betway has fewer drawbacks, but they also exist, and we are not going to hide them from our readers. First of all, the limits are being cut here, because even the expert level of orienteering in sports will not allow you to become a millionaire due to this alone. A similar scheme works in poker: you can play it, but you cannot use it to make money. Finally, in many countries, Betway is basically unavailable, although the British shouldn't care.

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