FIFA 2020 and Tokyo Olympics are over. But there are more important events to come, which promise a wealth of betting options. For instance, the American League season is still in full swing and will end in October only.

Women’s cricket team will defend England’s honor in Chelmsford against the New Zealand’s national team, Southampton will host an International Boat show, rendezvous between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder on the boxing ring is yet to happen. So, don’t miss your chance!.

Assuredly, there is a myriad of major events, which will tempt us to make a victorious wager.

And BetWinner App is a passkey to them. You don’t have to waste precious minutes while standing in line at the bookie’s venue. Or sit at your laptop/desktop patiently scrolling through the games and coefficients.

Now you can do our punt hunt, while also enjoying the maximum comfort. And BetWinner App will help you achieve this!

Here are some of its best options to try:

Promotional Benefits


As we’ve mentioned, there’s a cornucopia of sporting events. They are nicely organized by categories, so you can instantly choose a sporting “genre” you’re interested in: MMA, Horse Races, Football, Hockey, Cyber Sports, Tennis, and so forth.


If you’d like to choose a specific event like Wimbledon, Russian Grand Prix or LV= Insurance County Championship, BetWinner App can provide that too.

There are schedules, which include the most prominent sporting events that happen right now. There you can check dates, current results, teams or athletes competing, and so forth.

Live Betting

In essence, live betting is almost like ordinary sports betting. But it has a unique factor. The deal is that the BetWinner App allows you to place a bet literally amidst a match, fight, or race. Note: some events can turn unavailable for this option. Consult the schedules first.

So, we’ve shown you the bearing pillars of the app’s functionality. But the BetWinner App has even a bigger bag of goodies for us! And this implies a whole avalanche of promos and bonuses

Promotional Benefits

The BetWinner App has prepared a bunch of boons for both newcomers and veterans. Let’s see which promotions the venue invites us to claim right now.

If You’re Starting Out

For starters, if you’re registering a debut account, that makes you eligible to receive a 100% deposit bonus. So, in other words, if your first deposit equals 50 pounds, another “bullseye” will follow as a complementary gift. The BetWinner App welcomes the new faces!

Delicious Cashback Cake

Then we have a cashback system. You can claim up to 25% of all the money spent if you deposit/withdraw funds via these four systems: Jeton, Paykasa, Astropay, Papara.

B-day’s Special

Is today the day when you blow candles and get a cute greeting card from your great-aunt? Then BetWinner App has a little surprise for you too — a bet completely free of charge.

An e-mail or SMS with a "top classified" code will be delivered to you. All you have to do is to register it via the BetWinner App (or its browser version) and voilà: you can make an entirely free wage. No matter which event it is: a UFC Island fight or one of the Triple Crown games.

PlayStation Lottery

Besides, the venue hosts a unique lottery for the “inner circle”. The more bets you add to your portfolio, the more extra bonus points you will grind.

By the time when you have accumulated enough of those, you can exchange them for a Sony PlayStation Bundle — there’s a whole collection of them ranging by tiers. So, if you want this console, the BetWinner App gives you a chance. (This promo is time-limited).

Today is a Lucky Day

If waiting until it’s your birthday is not an option, join the Lucky Day promo. Daily, you can win bonus points by making a wager of at least 2 CAD at odds of 1.8. And if this day proves to be lucky, points will rain over your account with a max number of 50,000.

Cash Days

Apart from Lucky Days, you will also enjoy Cash Days. During them, you can win real money with the prize pool of 60,000 euros (£51,000). Here’s what to do:

  • Register an account or log in if you already have it.
  • Play one of the machines eligible for the promo: Hot Coins: Hold and Win, Solar King, Book of Gold, etc.
  • Your minimum stake should be at least 0.5 euro (£0.4).
  • Every euro (£1.1) that you win will bring you 10 bonus points.

Consequently, all the points given to you by Lady Fortune can be converted to real money later.

Cabbage Days

Fun fact: “cabbage” is a jargonism that means “money”. The BetWinner App grants us another opportunity to win some with the Cabbage Days.

Simply play any of the games delivered by the Boongo studio and accomplish daily challenges. For instance, on day one, one of the challenges winning 7 pounds three times.

Super Promos

Every so often, the BetWinner App hosts grandiose lotteries. With monster prizes. For example, one of the latest grand lottos was dubbed Porsche Motion.

In it, every participant got an opportunity to win a Porsche Boxster 718 Spyder. PS5 does look like a kid’s toy compared to this miracle from Germany!

The Insurance

Interestingly, the BetWinner App also offers a bet-insuring benefit. This is a paid-for feature, however. But if the prognosis that you made fails, and the bet goes to waste, a percentage that you’ve insured beforehand is going to be fully compensated. At least, it’s worth a try.

In Case of Tough Luck

Has it been a losing streak for you lately? Well, it happens. And the BetWinner App offers a bit of consolation to those gamblers whose stars have been unmerciful lately. If you have at least 20 losing bets in a row, you qualify to receive bonus bets starting with $100 (£57).

If you’re eligible for this promo, hurry up! It is expected that soon British laws will prohibit giving out such bonuses, while also introducing tighter betting rules .


Another cool service offered by our BetWinner App has the name of “bet slip”. If intuition of yours is extremely sharp, go and partake in a challenge: predict the outcomes of 12 preselected competitions.

This sponsorship is provided by the affiliate TOTO company. And whenever you correctly predict results for all 12 events, a stunning payout of 7,000 bonus points will become yours.


On a regular basis, BetWinner App hosts jackpot tournaments with pretty handsome prize pools. Join them and get a shot to win up to 20% of it, if you successfully accomplish the challenge goals. Simply play the qualifying games and amass the winning points.

We’ve mentioned just a lucky dozen of all promos and super perks that the Bet Winner app will amaze its clients with. Do you feel eager to see more? Then install the mobile client and navigate to the Promo section.

How to Get the BetWinner App for Android

BetWinner mobile is compatible with the Google’s OS. It’s not specified which version of the operating system your gadget should support, though.

Yet, since the file of the application isn’t that large — 34 MB — every device that runs the likes of Android 6 or older should be able to handle it.

The BetWinner App installation on your gizmo looks like this:

  1. Launch this page . This is BW’s website, so it’s legit and risk-free.
  2. Tap the button that says Android Download.
  3. An APK file will be stored in the memory of the gadget.
  4. Head to the Files folder and find Downloads there.
  5. Spot the bookie’s APK file — double-tap it.
  6. The system will ask if it’s okay to install a third-party application.
  7. Give it a green light and wait until the process is complete.

Congratulations! You’ve just obtained the official BetWinner mobile app. Create a new account if it’s your first time here. Or enter an existing one, check the latest tournaments, examine the schedules and lay wagers.

IF you feel a tad worried about using software gotten the “unchecked source”, do the APK scanning before adding it to your app catalogue.

(The Android squad of the free antivirus tools includes AVG , Bitdefender , Sophos Intercept , plus Avast . Besides, these companies charge £0 for the basic guardianship).

How to Get BetWinner App for iOS

As for the Apple crowd, they get a somewhat different procedure. Here’s a bit-by-bit guide:

  1. Use a desktop/laptop or another phone and visit the same page .
  2. There will be an iOS Download button — click or tap it.
  3. A QR-code will pop up.
  4. Take your iPhone, after that launch the Camera App.
  5. Choose the rear camera, then “aim” it at the QR-code.
  6. The installation will begin by default.
  7. Wait until it’s finished.

QR scanning is a default feature for the updated iOS gadgets. If, for some reason, it refuses to work or if you prefer maximum security, you can try Kaspersky’s QR Code Reader & Scanner, Bar-Code Reader, QR & Barcode Reader by Gamma Play, and others. (All available in the App Store).

A Browser Version for the Phones?

Should it happen that your device is unsupported by the current variant of the BetWinner App, there’s no need to fret.

It also offers a browser version for mobile devices, which you can enjoy from any gadget, which is connected to the world web one way or another. And the age of your gizmo virtually plays no role.


Okay, now you can see what the BetWinner App can do for you. But what are its “fors & againsts” recapped again? Well, let’s do a quick analysis.


1. Is it possible to get the app from Google Play/App Store?

Sadly, you can’t. It’s distributed via the official website only.

2. How big should be my initial deposit?

It depends only on your financial situation. However, if you're a British citizen, there’s a risk that you may face certain betting limitations quite soon.

3. I can’t withdraw money/access my profile, what can be done?

The customer supports is at your service. You will find them directly in the BetWinner App. Besides, visit their website and talk to them via a chat or call this number: +44 203 455 62 22 .

4. My phone can’t install the app, any workaround maybe?

Fin the BW’s website via Google. Click on it and then choose” switch to mobile view”.

5. Can I use a crypto-wallet?

You are in luck: there are a plethora of cryptocurrencies supported: BTC, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.

Downloading is in progress.
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