Betwinner: green color of your victory

Most bookmakers have too long and hard to swing before entering the cohort recognized by the general public. Betwinner became her without delay - we did not have time to look around, he found himself in the top, having spent a total of three years from the date of its creation.

Betwinner review

In 2018 Betwinner first appeared on the market, and literally on the move began to wonder. It would seem, from the company, who had just come on the market, on world domination ambitions? However, the bookmaker just introduced more than 60 language versions of the interface, support began purses in many national currencies, it has rolled out very decent line sports betting, and incidentally also an online casino, bingo, and poker lotto, and so on. Strong, isn't it? In addition to the license, Curacao quickly had to get a local license and Nigeria - also quite unbanal move, indicating a desire to work for an even wider audience.

The secret, according to several knowledgeable people, is explained quite simply - experts believe that this is just another brainchild 1xbet. One of the largest bookmakers in Eastern Europe not so long ago cut a poor figure loudly, lost reputation, and in some places in the licenses, because as a cover and to create visibility alternatives began to rivet clones own site. Betwinner - it is a clone, which is designed to lure those potential customers who, for whatever reason, do not take 1xbet.

This is why you almost certainly will not find any detailed information about the success of the brand, such as the number of employees or financial performance. The office address in Cyprus is likely to be very formal.

Betwinner UK, in fact, does not exist - the bookmaker is, of course, and the English-language version of the site, but the court did not officially accept British players and the game does not open accounts in pounds. The Prohibited States are solid and some other jurisdictions, such as the USA, Australia, Israel, and some European countries. It is noteworthy that Cyprus, which is allegedly a bookmaker office, also belongs to the list of prohibited countries.

How to register for betwinner?

To quickly create an account in Betwinner, do not even have to stick to a special button, because the mini-field registration is prudently made in advance at home. But the main user sees only two ways to register, while the corresponding button located in the header, offers just four. In fact, the registration methods are even more because sports betting and online casinos need different accounts.

In fact, check with your phone number or e-mail Betwinner UK users is not available at all. Since the office, according to the selected policy, does not accept British gamblers, you simply will not be able to enter the dialing code +44. If so, you can not specify your phone number, and it will not come in the SMS validation code. At a minimum, you need a foreign number, to create one of these ways. The country and currency, by the way, will also have to be chosen not by relatives. Verification is likely to take place do not have to, but for the bonus no longer chase - and suddenly will check the data and reveal the truth. Thus, registration in Betwinner above methods is relevant only for those Brits who can provide foreign phone numbers and addresses.

Register through social networks, frankly, useless too - felt Eastern European origin of business. Among the options that have at least some popularity in the UK, only offered Telegram. Because it turns out that you can only select registered in one click. However, even then you have to lie about the country and orient cryptocurrency or international dollars and the euro, but it is - the way the smallest lie.


One of the most important reasons for registering in a new, unfamiliar bookmaker - is certainly a welcome bonus. In Betwinner its conditions are formulated very simply: fill in the account in the amount of 1 to 100 Euro (possible in other currencies, but equivalent), and receive a gift the same amount to the bonus account. The problem, however, lies in the fact that to participate in the proposal must first fill out all fields of the form, even if you are registered in a single click, and the UK, as we know, can not choose their country, and verifying your phone has problems. However, we touched on the above ways around this limitation.

Note that the bonus is not credited if to refill you do not agree with the participation in actions Betwinner! To protect themselves from such developments, to funding the account checkbox checked in a private office. The box for the same checkbox must be present in the account replenishment window. Make sure that you have filled in all the fields, and the phone number is active. If done correctly, the bonus funds are received almost immediately after the first deposit.

The money initially is not yours in the fullest sense of the word - at least, they can not withdraw. The wagering requirements assume that the player will put down the entire amount five times. To win back the money you only need to express, and each must have a minimum of three events, each - by a factor of 1.4 and above. Time to clear the bonus is given limited, so do not pull with the rate and do not put on the event, which will take place in the distant future. Remember also that Betwinner makes a welcome bonus to players who as the currency of the game account chose a particular cryptocurrency.

Betwinner mobile apps

In recent years, the trend is rapidly gaining momentum as the bookies, especially recent, refuse to release their own mobile applications. This approach stems from the fact that the browsers of mobile devices already well cope with the task, as support HTML5 technology and can adjust the page size in height and width gadget screen. However, Betwinner, though created in 2018, shows a pleasant old-fashioned - as soon as you open it on your mobile site, he immediately offers to download the application, chosen by your operating system.

Betwinner downloads the mobile app or not - it is every customer's decision. Administration of the site is logical to assume that not all users will want to clutter up the memory of your device-specific software when to use all the features of the bookmaker and can be directly in the browser. It is generally accepted that the application saves a little more traffic and is less dependent on the bad cover, but let's objective: in the civilized world and have good coverage, and used megabytes is considered not accepted.

Please note that for Ios team bookmaker has not yet written a standalone application so that the software is only available for Android. On the Play Market gambling content can not be placed, because the installation file is pumped directly from the Betwinner site. Smartphones default configured not to recognize the program with the "unknown" sites, but in the notification of the inability of the program will offer to change your phone settings. Follow the instructions of the system, if you still want to use the official software.

Payment options

Given the present desire, Betwinner worldwide firm offers its clients a vast number of areas to replenish the account and withdraw funds. In general, for all countries of the world for more than fifty of them, but to offer greater convenience to users to filter payment trends across the country. It's amazing, but the UK (the United Kingdom) in the filters is also present, and it is - despite the alleged registration of the ban for British users!

If you put the filters in the UK as your country, the system will issue 37 ways to fund your account and withdraw money. There is good news and bad. The good news is that the 33 direction - it cryptocurrency of all kinds, so popular among many bettors. The bad news - no deposit and withdrawal possibilities of using payment cards or bank transfer because Betwinner administration, apparently, still encrypted by the controlling bodies of the kingdom. However, the charge in fine funds may even those who are not friends with cryptocurrency - must use electronic purses Perfect Money, Sticpay and AirTM ecoPayz or payment system. Withdraw money (but not to update your account), you can also through Payeer.

All replenishment Betwinner account is instant and without commission, with a minimum deposit amount is a modest one dollar or euro. No fees and withdrawal of funds, but the waiting time is indicated by a bookie like 15 minutes. This, of course, is a ballpark figure - in real life, sometimes the transaction is faster, but sometimes longer. The minimum limit for output slightly increased, but remains very low - can be withdrawn from the account of a half dollar or the euro.


To what extent is Betwinner a legal and safe bookmaker?

The legality of the activities provided Betwinner licenses Curacao and Nigeria, but none of them does not give the right to operate specifically in the UK. The British play with this bookmaker at their own peril and risk. As for the fairness, from this point of view in the office usually, nobody complains - she calculated bettor on time and in full.

How to cancel a bet at Betwinner?

Betwinner does not offer the possibility to cancel a bet, even if the match to another week, and you have mistakenly made a bet just a minute ago. Rather than cancel the bet can be redeemed, if you change your mind, but most likely it will mean the inability to return the entire amount supplied.

How to delete my Betwinner account?

Such a possibility interface Betwinner site are not available - no matter how hard to find, you will not find a button that destroys your account. However, in practice it may simply delete rule is not delegated to the user, and is fixed to support service operators. You want to tear a page out of its own past bettor - contact support, and already there to give detailed instructions on what to do.

Does Betwinner support cryptocurrency gaming accounts?

Today is the norm that a major international bookmaker would have to open an account and players in cryptocurrency, especially if you can not cover all national fine currency. Betwinner offers a good selection of the crypt to create a game account, but this decision will be a significant flaw with cryptocurrency account, the user can immediately forget about participation in promotions.


User Comments on the relevant forums are the best source of information for a person who is still not really familiar with the bookmaker but wants to have in advance of her fair presentation. Considering how sharply Betwinner rushed into the stream, on the forums about this office is written very much, and most of the reviews are the most appreciative character. More often allocate these advantages:

  • very modest margins in the top tournaments - for leading football and tennis leagues it is less than 3%;
  • the line features more than fifty kinds of sports, including lacrosse, you can put on, darts, or even a policy;
  • the list contains non-trivial betting options, such as the Asian handicap;
  • there is an option of redemption rates, which is sure to appeal to those who already regret the money raised;
  • broadcast certain sports events are present directly on the site, making bets in live mode even more interesting;
  • there is a betting constructor that allows you to "hold" correspondence matches between teams and bet on the outcome of this potential confrontation;
  • Withdrawal is actually realized in the shortest possible time, without forcing the player for a long time to wait.

In fact, criticize Betwinner is also possible, and reason enough, even without taking into account banned status for UK players. For example, the office's website has turned out quite cumbersome and not very comfortable. Funding an account via Paypal and Trustly is impossible, although for many bettors these are their favorite payment destinations. The margin on minor tournaments and events is overstated, and this does not honor the bookmaker. Support operators, according to many customers, take a long time to respond.

What to believe, is up to you, but the most correct decision - to check all personally register your own account!

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