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22Bet success is very revealing - he argues that in fact, bettors do not care about the long history of the site if it offers some obvious benefits here and now. An example of this bookmaker clearly hints that the correct investing a lot of money and a willingness to meet potential customers - this is the main factor of the success of the office.

22bet review

Most knowledgeable people will confirm that the typical path of a young bookmaker to the top takes a few years. First, the founders may not have enough money to run the platform with the greatest opportunities, in addition, at the start of the bettor's suspicious site, which until there is no reputation. It will take a few years until the institution will acquire muscle and gain the respect of a wide range of potential customers.

However, the creators of 22Bet laugh in the face of these rules, because they managed to create a fully working bookmaker for a couple of years out of nothing. In fact, of course, no secret is not here - just the brand is not independent and masks another kind of 1xbet. This Eastern European bookie went unbanal way: not always with an impeccable reputation, he decided to just "restart", quickly to stamp itself doubles. As a result, large sums of money obtained without delay, they were immediately poured into an alleged new office for a long time spent templates - and get a successful new business. You are only wasting your time trying to find separate statistics on the number of personnel or income 22Bet - this is not an independent structure, albeit with its own office in Greece.

Since its inception in 2018, this bookmaker has set a goal - to reach the maximum number of markets, and for this, even borrowed from his "big brother" fifty different language interfaces. But then something went wrong, and as a result, it was 22Bet office with a surprisingly large number of prohibited jurisdictions. These areas include, in particular, and the United Kingdom.

How to register at 22bet?

Registration in the system of the bookmaker would have seemed difficult if not one "but": the company has not officially taken users from the UK, because 22Bet UK - is nothing more than one of the interface options. Lacking a local license, which means staying out of the British legal field, the operator can not conduct legitimate activities in the country, and tries to be law-abiding, not to run is not severe sanctions. Because, even if you use the VPN, there is another problem - how to verify the phone number starting with code 44.

This is actually a limitation, of course, that can be circumvented. In fact, no one is stopping you from using a foreign SIM card - this is, for many Britons, who one way or another often have to leave their home country. If you have a second citizenship and property abroad, and you can document that you live there, then the special problems generally will not. Introduce the system as a resident of another country in which it is not banned - it will be a success!

As far as the registration procedure, then 22Bet does not differ fundamentally from that adopted by our competitors. The registration button is located in the header of the site, it can be seen on any of the pages. By clicking opens a short questionnaire to be filled without missing fields. If you have been registered under the accelerated procedure, in the future, it makes sense to complete a full profile in your account, because the only way you will get the opportunity to participate in promotions and to receive bonuses. Mandatory verification of this operator is not there - if you do not arouse suspicion, it will not have to take place.


If you are conservative in their preferences and do not like to meet new bookmakers, here is an argument in favor of the opposite view: the new user registration almost always relies on a nice bonus. 22bet welcome offer, perhaps not shocking unprecedented generosity, but yet its bookmaker account should register at least for the first deposit bonus. Unlike other sites, which largely replicate 1xbet, is made a little more generous greeting - the maximum size is 122 euros. This was done to once again beat the name of the office.

To participate in the offer it is easy - just create an account by filling in all the fields proposed questionnaire. When filling out the need to make sure you uncheck the box "I agree to participate in promotions." When everything is ready, just fill up the game 22bet account for the amount of at least EUR 1, and the deposit is doubled. If your gaming account is opened in another currency, it means that the minimum and maximum limit of compensation will be converted into the currency of the account. The exception is cryptocurrency accounts, which, in principle, do not participate in promotions. This is particularly important in the context of what is to open an account in sterling simply will not work.

The reward for the first deposit does not go to the main account, but the bonus account. You cannot withdraw money from there - first you need to wager it at a 5x wager, that is, by placing it in five times the amount. For the fulfillment of the conditions wagering, bets must be done only by express, including a voucher for at least three events, each of which has a coefficient of at least 1.4. The bonus, which is not used for too long, has the ability to completely combust because of the rush to bet on the next sports event.

Mobile applications 22bet

Modern gambling businesses online are initially deprived of the chances of success with the public if you do not offer their own entertainment in the mobile domain. Nowadays a person has neither the capacity nor the desire to be tied to a stationary PC, because the first duty of a bookmaker - make bets using a smartphone as convenient as possible. At 22Bet is not bad, considering that the administration and to optimize your site for the work with compact gadgets, and released a special mobile software download on Android and ios.

From a functional point of view, they are equal to each other, and in no way inferior to the desktop version of the site. After creating one account at the 22Bet system, the user can log in the future on any device. If you do not already have an account, you can create one directly from your mobile - it's as easy as using a PC. Financial transactions are also always on hand - at any time, you can update your account and place a bet, and if the gambler gets lucky by the tail, just turn and withdraw winnings. The mobile interface allows players to fully participate in promotions, and if you have any problems, please contact customer service operators.

The debate is about which is better, a mobile version of the website in a browser or a mobile app for your phone until you calm down. Supporters of separate programs argue that the software saves megabytes, is less vulnerable to disruptions to the Internet signal, and, in principle, is better optimized for each screen. Fans of browser access appeal to the simplicity of their chosen method, because there is no need to download anything, and the device's memory is clogged to a lesser extent. How you will get access to 22Bet is up to you.

Payment options

To open a betting account at 22Bet are an endless number of national fiat currencies. It really does not matter whether the betting account currency coincides with the currency of the card or electronic purse where credited replenishment because the conversion is done automatically when necessary. The same happens when withdrawing funds won.

Given that the geographical area of interest 22Bet looks quite extensive, it is not surprising that the administration offers its customers a large number of directions for carrying out payment transactions. Not all of these areas will be relevant for the UK, which formally does is forbidden territory, but still, there are many ways how to conduct a transaction, even here. Among the most convenient solutions should consider the bank via Visa / MasterCard, e-wallets Skrill / Neteller, Perfect Money, and Payeer. To get a more detailed view of the available directions, go to the appropriate section of your personal account.

Visit the section dedicated to deposit and withdraw funds from 22Bet, it stands still because the conditions of the transaction for each direction can vary significantly. In most cases the fee is not charged or when funding the account or when withdrawing money. To your account money will be transferred immediately, and output from it is usually within a quarter of an hour. The minimum recharge amount is 1 euro, at least for the O - and a half euros, both sums are converted to equivalent amounts in other currencies. But in fact, better ensure the relevance of all these conditions in advance - before spending conceived financial transaction.


What about licensing at 22Bet?

Basic License 22Bet is obtained for the international activities on the island of Curacao - the same place where it gets most of the institutions do not claim special solidity. At the same time, the site demonstrates a clear desire to work in Africa, because it was not too lazy to obtain local licenses from countries such as Nigeria, Tanzania, and Kenya. But the office does not have a British license, so the British put it at their own peril and risk.

Is it possible to bet on eSports competitions at 22Bet?

ESports is still causing debate about someone like him and some do not, but in any case, it is an objective reality of our days. 22Bet does not want to ignore this reality because bets on the most popular disciplines such as CS: GO, LoL, Dota2. This area is difficult to call specializes in cyber tournaments, but in general, it has a good line.

I signed up at 22Bet but didn't receive the welcome bonus - why?

The reasons for this can be quite a lot, but they all boil down to one thing - you probably do not fulfill all the requirements needed to participate in promotions. At least, it was necessary to fill in all the fields of the form, verify the e-mail address and telephone number, and all that - even before the first deposit. Cryptocurrency accounts a priori do not take part in bonuses. In addition, you might have forgotten to put a tick in the box "I want to take part in actions."

Can I delete my 22Bet account?

Without the assistance of the operator is not possible - anywhere in your account, you will not find such an option. However, the support team will meet 22Bet bettor if he receives the appropriate request - just do what you advise operators, and your account will be permanently deleted.


Sometimes, to decide on the registration in a foreign bookmaker, you just have to make sure that it's not so scary. Many gamblers before they make a new account, be sure to read the reviews of the bookmaker to know if worth powder and shot. To make an objective opinion of 22Bet, we did and concluded that the majority of customers praise this platform. The most common reasons for this are as follows:

  • more than 40 types of disciplines are represented in the line, including e-sports and bets that are not related to sports at all, but are devoted to politics or the weather;
  • daily mode prematch available about 2 thousand events, that is, 22Bet coverage includes all potentially interesting fan matches;
  • the average margin does not exceed 5% - against the background of many of its competitors is still a very nice figure;
  • the total number of pay lines available for bettors to deposit and withdraw winnings over a hundred - so in any country of the world you will have a good choice for the transaction;
  • if after placing a bet there are new circumstances that prevent sincerely believe that the bet will still win coupon may be redeemed, without losing all the funds raised.

It would be unfair to say that 22Bet has no flaws, especially since it is criticized as not so rare. Most often, users do not like the fact that the operator inflates the margin for the matches of the less popular events. In addition, the existing bookmaker license is not credible to some potential customers, as well as complicates the access to its services in the same UK. Finally, people complain that there is a slight slowdown in conclusions over the weekend, which is why they have to wait a long time.

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