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Bet365 - a real giant gambling market based long before the full Internet, and not just accept the best bookmaker in the world. Such a company simply can not afford to keep up with current trends, it is not surprising that it responded quickly to the development of mobile betting. Without wishing to be tied to a PC, any user can install the bet365 app, taking advantage of all the benefits of betting on the go.

IOS version: how to download and install?

Most of the reviews say unanimously: to find the section with the bet365 mobile app, you need to open the main and scroll to the bottom. This statement is valid only if you open the site on a smartphone because the link to the desired page is available only in the mobile version of the interface. The desired section is titled "All applications", click on it will open the software download page.

We are interested in sports applications. The Mobile version of the site has already identified the operating system of your device because the "Download" button will redirect the user to the app store. Alternatively, just type in the search box bet365 app store.

In both cases, the page will open the official app store, where just need to click "Get". Bet365 mobile app for iPhones launched and installed without problems, given that the bookmaker completely is legal in their homeland, and the AppStore, in turn, does not preclude the placement of gambling applications.

Version for Android: how to download and install?

Google Play shows a completely different approach - you can not download the app from the android the bet365 official store. These are the rules of the company: it does not support gambling software and does not allow it on its site. Because bookmakers, including the bet365, have to place the file directly on your server and provide a direct download. Because drive office name in the search of the store is meaningless - instead, go to the website from your smartphone bookmaker and scroll to the section "All apps", or simply go to the link provided above. Choosing Sports and click "Download" - the installation file will start downloading.

The problem may occur to install the program because the default Android does not allow to put the software obtained from somewhere not of Play Market. However, the operating system itself is loyal to the whims of the user, so she just needs to explain who is the master here. In the window with the error message at the bottom of the transition will be an option in the settings - once there, the toggle switch to allow installation from unknown sources. If after that the installation does not continue to re-look for bet365 app android apk in the depths of memory and run. The second time, the problems with the installation will be gone.

Why download a mobile app?

Administration bookmaker probably heard a lot about the fact that not all customers want to load onto your phone standalone application. This is especially true if the player wants to use all the capabilities of the platform, which means that he would have to download the bet365 mobile app to six different species - it turns the whole folder, which occupies a lot of space. To meet the needs of the public that does not want to use the software developers to optimize your website so that your mobile browser will adjust to the size of the display. All the functionality of the mobile version of the site is preserved.

Still, the bet365 app download from some angles looks better. We collected the key advantages of the program, so you do not hesitate to spend on her disk space.

  • Bet365 app works faster site in the browser. To understand why it is necessary to understand the operation of both. Opening of the site implies full loading all elements, each time anew, while the application is composed of libraries, describing the gadget has a form page display. Speaking figuratively, the site - a table with the data that you draw and fill anew each time, and the program - is ready to form with an empty table where just need to enter the actual data. The second, of course, it's easier, because the application is loaded faster. If you like to put in the live mode, every second can make the difference, so that the choice in favor of the bet365 mobile app download is obvious.
  • The application consumes fewer megabytes. Modern man does not think of himself without streaming video in every spare moment and yet has come to an end packages megabytes property. Spend it all at once, and then sit no content or pay extra? Oh, no - it is better to use the bet365 mobile app, because due to the principle described above, it consumes fewer megabytes, than the website!
  • The program operates in stable conditions of poor coverage. In the UK, not so easy to find a place where the mobile Internet is not too good, and still this happens. If an interesting and potentially profitable game is right now, we should not lose time for a good rate - means it is necessary to signal exactly broke. Once the bet365 app consumes modest traffic, it is logical that it is easier to send a packet of data - and here again, it is more practical than a website.
  • Save space for a long time is not relevant. Criticism of the individual in favor of mobile applications is usually based on the fact that the user is absolutely no reason to hold the memory of his gadget. Today, however, the model with 16 GB is already considered obsolete or ultra budgetary, and the middle class starts at 64 GB. Bet365 mobile app takes a maximum of a few tens of megabytes - do not fit?
  • Bet365 app is fully functional, it in no way restricts the user. Perhaps this is not an advantage, but merely the norm, but we decided to once again remind you that the installation bettor loses nothing.

Bonus program

Administration bookmaker bet365 app considering the use of just as a way to access the functionality of the site. The client selects the rates via a separate software is not considered as privileged and can not obtain the benefit only for that. Instead, users of gadgets are not limited to participation in other actions, which in this institution - a lot. We consider only the most popular.

Each newcomer, including using the bet365 mobile app, offers a first deposit bonus in the form of a bet bonus. To participate in the offer it is necessary to replenish the account of 10 to 30 euros - you can add more, but the best bonuses are credited by the sum of the qualifying deposit, and no more than 30 euros. Bet bonuses differ from direct deposit bonuses to those that accrue not only on the size of the deposit, how much of the bet with him, made a factor of at least 1.2 (for express trains - with at least one event at a ratio of 1.2). Dividing the first deposit into two qualifying rates (10 euros + 20 euros), in the form of bet bonuses only get 20 euros - consider it!

Bet bonuses are credited approximately within an hour after the bet is calculated. The player is required to be enclosed within a month from the date of registration, so do not make the qualification rates far into the future. Bet bonuses cannot be withdrawn in any way - only bet. Even if this rate will go, you will receive your winnings minus the amount of the bet. In other words, in bet bonus, the bet365 mobile app is very similar to an ordinary free bet.

The application offers a lot of other interesting environments where competing firms simply do not have. Suppose you bet on football through the bet365 mobile app, to predict the winner of the match - a bookmaker will count as the winning bet as soon as "your" winner will be ahead by two goals. This can be called an insurance policy against a sensation because the opponent can play and even win, but too late - the rate has passed! In addition, the firm protects the player from disappointments and if you bet on the exact score of the game or match and the scoreboard remained dull zeros, the money returned. A bet on the individual player achievements, which, for some reason, was replaced in the first half, returned as bet bonuses - provided that it is not proved to be a losing earlier.

In addition to all the above, the bet365 mobile app ensures juicy offers for lovers express - the more events they will join in the battery, the higher percentage of the bonus they are guaranteed. As a result, the bonus factor can reach up to 70%! Such action does not extend to all kinds of sports, but it affects all of the most popular subjects.

Learning to put through a mobile application

The principle of placing a bet via the bet365 mobile app does not differ from similar processes in the desktop or mobile versions of the site, as well as at any other bookmaker. Let's take another look at the home page. The main part of the screen is devoted to the events played out already or planned for the near future - depending on which tab is open, or Sports In-Play (switch down). The odds on the outcome of the match are immediately handed a card - they can be used to click by adding them to the coupon. If you need more detailed painting - odds, totals, and so on - click on the name of the event. There must also be a factor tap on conditions that you consider plausible.

Home bet365 mobile app page will only include events recognized top-end in terms of the entire international community office customers. You may have different tastes, but do not despair if your event is not on the main screen - on the line it is almost certain. We proceed as follows:

  • you first need to choose a sport - for this, use colorful colored icons at the top, or open the full list of available courses by clicking on the top left characteristic menu icon next to the A-Z, and select your sport there;
  • Next, the system will return a list of countries and jurisdictions - national tournaments will be in the tab specific country (for example - the Premier League and English League Cup in "England"), international - in the contribution of the continent (selection for the Euro and the Champions League - in "Europe"), even more, global phenomena are hidden in the "World" tab (qualifiers for the World Cup and friendly matches go here);
  • choosing a country/jurisdiction to decide the tournament, in which there is an interesting game to you;
  • Select a match and click on the card made in outcomes, or open the full list by clicking on the event title.

If your event is not in line, you may be interested in them too early. At the bet365 mobile app, painting does not usually make more than 1-2 rounds ahead. If the tournament is not popular, matches can paint just a matter of days before the event, but any NBA appears in quotes for a couple of months before.

Directions of deposit and withdrawal of money

Bet365 mobile app allows users to conduct payment transactions with both parties on an equal basis in the desktop version of the site. Illegal bookies certainly are impressed by the larger number of lines, but the legal office covers all payment systems, enjoying at least some demand. Among them:

  • debit cards Visa / Maestro / MasterCard;
  • ApplePay / GooglePay;
  • PayPal;
  • Paysafecard;
  • Click to pay;
  • Bank transfer;
  • Check.

At the same time Click to pay GooglePay and only work on the entrance - to withdraw money through them is impossible.

Depositing in most areas is carried out by 5 pounds, the maximum limit varies depending on the bills and reaches 100 thousand at the bank transfer. Digital methods of a payment transaction are carried out instantly, a bank transfer is up to 10 days, a check can check for almost a month. According to the conclusions, limits are the same, but "popular" waiting period - from 1 to 5 days.

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