It is one of the most promising new bookies on Kingdom’s market. As a side benefit, you can grab a fantastic app, which works like a Swiss watch, absolutely for free. In return, it'll be your passport, which opens the gates of the Punting Realm.

Talk of the devil, if your plans include getting the Netbet app for your handheld gizmo — be a tablet/phone — you'll need to procure the mobile client first.

Our application is presently open-for-use for both leading mobile systems: iOS, as well as Android.

We'll show you the most effective methods of getting it. Plus, we'll provide an exhaustive and insightful review on the app’s pros & cons. Let's roll!

Netbet App Review — Is It Worth It?

Netbet app is a bookmaking/casino mobile client. Here you can check the game results, lay a wager on your favorite team or have a few spins.

Netbet App Review: It's Time for Bet

It is one of the most promising new bookies on Kingdom’s market. As a side benefit, you can grab a fantastic app, which works like a Swiss watch, absolutely for free. In return, it'll be your passport, which opens the gates of the Punting Realm.

Talk of the devil, if your plans include getting the Netbet app for your handheld gizmo — be a tablet/phone — you'll need to procure the mobile client first.

Our application is presently open-for-use for both leading mobile systems: iOS, as well as Android.

We'll show you the most effective methods of getting it. Plus, we'll provide an exhaustive and insightful review on the app’s pros & cons. Let's roll!

Netbet App Android & iOS — What’s the Deal?

As it was previously mentioned, the Netbet app is provided by a bookie firm. And what a potential it unlocks for every fortune-seeker who dreams of trying their luck with wagering money on the competitive sports!

Higher, faster, stronger

Before all else, the Netbet app delivers a gargantuan selection of all the sporting "genres" that you can only imagine.

Some of these genres are well-known to the players as the “standard sports”. They include rugby, ice hockey, table tennis, horse racing, mixed martial arts, and so forth.

However, the Netbet app can also unlock the sports that are famous regionally or receive little to no exposure in the western hemispehre. Among them, the punters can spot Aussie rules, Japanese speedway, futsal, in addition to a myriad of other exotic names.

Virtual insanity

Not counting the IRL athletics like Greco-Roman wrestling or boxing, the bettor has a large-scale selection of the digital tournaments + leagues.The Netbet app strives to deliver the fullest versatility it can.

The E-Sports portfolio includes Starcraft 2 DreamHack, Dota 2 Champions League, Counter-Strike: GO, Overwatch Contenders, Rainbow Six North American Leagues, and a gazillion of other titles from the Steam and Twitch top charts.

Lay a wager on your favorite alien race or Mortal Kombat character using the N etbet Android app and testify how they annihilate the enemy!

From the White House to Downing Street

Picture the following: politics made it to the wagering roster as well. Fascinating, isn't it? If you posses a political science degree, or you are simply great at envisioning the results of the rallies, elections, and other electoral mess, it might be an excellent prospect for you to earn a squid or two.

At present, you get a rare shot to lay a wager on the upcoming US Presidential Elections of 2024. One way or another, it is a “flagship” of the political wagering, so to speak.

But there's an overabundance of other political affairs to check. We can name the French, British, Irish, Australian and other politics, among all else. In such wise, there are plenty of important events to lay odds on. And the Netbet app download is able to help you with this. Beyond any doubt!

Live betting

Anything would shy away if compare to the beautiful sight of your favorite team prevailing and defeating the opposing squad. Or eye-witnessing how your all-time #1 MMA fighter is about to claim the champion’s title, right? But do you know what could add extra spice to such a moment?

Winning with them, indubitably! The Netbet mobile app is your "middleman" to the live broadcasts that cover sports from all over the world.

Watch a fight, match, play-off, penalty series, and other crucial events, while also investing real-life money in your intuition and sixth sense.

The only key component that you'll need is the mobile traffic or Wi-Fi signal and voilà! Watch the hottest events in the real-time mode, make predictions, listen to what your intuition is whispering, and put the money on the hoped-for winners.

A really cool nuance about the LB option is that you can lay odds even if a game/match has already commenced.

But there's something to be cognizant of: a bunch of events may be locked in the live betting segment. Consult the schedules provided by the Netbet app first .

More Handy Features

Lets’s see what else is attractive about the application.

That bettor accepts a cornucopia of highly secure and reliable e-pay options. As a result, collecting winnings or putting money on your "punter's account" goes smoothly. With the Netbet app everything is as smooth as the Loch Lomond lake at dawn.

PayPal, Visa, Papara, Skrill, PicPay, EUteller, traditional plastic cards, and other variants — they are available as payment options to every registered wagerer. This e-pay armada is here to serve with honor and guarantee full, incomparable convenience.

If you wonder what the minimum allowed deposits is, the answer is 10 pounds. That's right: you need just a tenner to start a new odds-laying odyssey with this app.

Synchronously, the NetBet Android app (not to mention iOS app) has no hidden pitfalls or traps pertaining to finances. Transfer the money, verify your identity, push them buttons and bet all you want!

Then, no gambling, especially wagering, could be possible without meticulous analysis. Unless you belong to the clairvoyant family like Daniel Dunglas Home did, you can’t really be 100% confident that your favorite FC or athlete is destined to prevail.

Drum roll: the analytical tool enter the stage to save the day! And be sure: the Netbet mobile app has a rich arsenal of those, "ready & waiting" for your wise strategizing.

There are two tabs: a) Statistics b) Results. Feel free to utilize them. Figure out the repeating outcome patterns, learn what teams demonstrate the best results, see who plays a role of the people’s favorite athlete and finally envision a better, sharper prognosis.

Bet Maker

The ordnance of the Netbet mobile app unlocks such deadly weapons as international wagering markets, thousands of odds-laying options, uncountable sporting discipline and other stuff like that.

This is a colossal variety indeed. Resultantly, you could be overwhelmed with it and have hard time at discerning which market is actually the best for you wagerer's tactics. And that's when the Bet Maker steals the limelight!

With this option you can create a "mosaic" of all markets available. Tailor an individual strategy, personalize your odd-making approach, and access more flexible management prerogatives. Surely, the Netbet app will do every little thing possible to assist its clientele.

With that gimmick you cook up a "cocktail" of different markets: international and regional. Create a “supermarket” that will pave you a way to success. And while the odds will remain intact, your waging stratagem genuinely unexampled.

NetBet Boosts

The mentioned gimmick is one of the unequivocal reasons why the Netbet app download is absolutely unskippable for every true gambler.

The platform’s regular odds are more or less comparable, the entire betting experience reaches a whole new level with this know-how.

Here’s how the concept works. If a regular market was priced at 2.00, for instance, it will be changed to a new, bigger factor: 2.50 or even 3! This happens at the bookie's discretion only. But it does take a place. And quite often too.

Automatically, there's a likelihood to collect monstrous payouts if your prognosis turns out to be accurate! So, occasionally, Netbet sports app is quite generous.


Never miss a thing with the app’s schedules and stay tuned 24/7. At the outset, it delivers a rich assortment of matches that happen right now, at this very second.

Open a live broadcast, prepare you favorite nacho dip and a can of Magners, and go bananas with the bets!

Then, Netbet app knows everything about the upcoming important events — you can scrutinize them in the respective Upcoming tab.

Today’s Games tab serves to remind what games will take place in the duration of the next 24 hours. And finally, the Highlights is sort of hub where the peak and memorable moments of the odds-laying are recorded and archived.

The My Selection tab of the Netbet app , players are able to single out their favorite sporting genres. As soon as it’s done, all the relevant info, including dates, athletes participating, duration, money line, etc. will be served to you on a silver plate.

Cash Out

What’s also cool about the Netbet app is that we don't need to pationaly sit through an NFL match or an NBA game to finally learn: did we snatch that mullah or not? (Hopefully we did).

The Cash Out feature is a game changer: with its help, you are able to literally cancel your wager before the match even reached its finale. Instead, you're authorized to accept the monies proposed by the Netbet sports app .

But it's essential to understand one thing: the reward sum will vary a lot, because numerous factors affect the size of the bounty. Factors like the wager size, and so forth. Plus, we can’t ignore how much time is left before the match draws its end.

But of course you're free to discard this money offer. If you believe in your lucky stars, keep your wager untouched until the game's grand finale. After all, sometimes intuition whispers prophecies to us.

Perks & Goodies

It seems, our today's' bookie strives hard to win the champion's belt in the Altruism category. are you a newcomer? Congrats: you can receive plenty of bonuses.

Another cool offering from the Netbet app Android is dubbed Cirque du Prix. That is a competition-type promo, in which you're invited to work up your ranks on a leaderboard.

It lasts for 13. The final sum of the bonus points a player wins for each successful bet is largely affected by the number of challenges they managed to beat.

Another promo from the Netbet app is Bet Back. It’s time-limited, and it enables people to win some free betting "dough": £15 every day is the max payout. And there are more perks!

Note : the Netbet app proclaims the following: certain e-wallets cannot participate. Consult this page to learn if your e-pay system is eligible .

Netbet App Download

Let’s learn where and how we can retrieve this sought-after application.

How to Install Netbet Android App

A quick warning: Google Play doesn't distribute this mobile client. So, we have no other option, but to head to the bookie’s website and get the apk file. Follow our quick instruction:

  • Take your gizmo and go to this page .
  • You will see the Download Android Version button.
  • Tap it to procure the file.
  • Go to the where files are saved and find the Netbet app .
  • Tap it twice: a request for permission to proceed will ensue.

Permit installing apps from the unchecked sources.

Congratulations, the deed is done. If the idea that the application might be infected with malware gives you heebie-jeebies, fear not. Scanning shows the mobile client is not dangerous.

If you still feel reluctant to trust software from the third-party vendors, recruit a mobile antivirus: Avast, AVG Mobile, McAfee, etc. Scan the Netbet app to eliminate worries abd prevent potential security issues in the future.

How to Install Netbet Mobile App on iPhone

If you belong to the iOS crowd — rejoice! The Apple fans have to do way less button-pushing to obtain it. The bettor utility can be found on the digital counters of the App Store, and you can install it on your gadget within a minute.

  • Go to the App Store .
  • Commence the Netbet app download .
  • Log in or create a new profile from scatch.

But a little problem may appear. In certain countries, the local laws frown upon gambling. So, the bookmaking apps can be locked by the vendor automatically, as soon as they scan your IP address.

The sole possible solution to circumvents that nuisance is to employ a VPN service. It’ll hide the real IP address of your smartbuddy, and the Netbet app will be unlocked.

Netbet Sports App: Pros & Cons


  • Wages . You are free to lay odds on every competitive discipline. Every market, league, or championship are here to satiate your betting itch.
  • User-friendly . The app looks and works smoothly. Navigation is easy. All crucial features are at your fingertips.
  • Payment . The Netbet app supports a tremendous number of those: from e-wallets to the bank cards.
  • Casino . A wealth of casino games definitely are a nice addition to wagering.
  • Live . Watch the live streams, never miss an important game, and make real-time wagers.
  • Convenience . Players can shape their betting strategies and be anywhere in the world: vacation, business trip or just a nice evening at a coffee shop.


  • Jealousy issues . The Netbet Android app requires a bigger effort to finish the job than its iOS “colleague”.


How big is the payout rate here?

According to the bettor, it was 96.78% in 2020.

Is it regulated by any authority?

The casino states that it is in compliance with the United Kingdom's Gambling Commission . It is the country's official body that regulates gambling activities.

What is responsible gambling?

That’s a concept, which all respectable venues, including NetBet, propagate these days. Visit BeGambleAware to learn more.

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