Meet a respectable online bookie firm. Higher odds — this is their central gimmick. They also provide a lavish selection of sporting events to try your luck with. And as sweet a cherry on top, a glamorous online casino is open 24/7 — it is worth at least one visit.

Melbet app is your ticket to placing bets in comfort and security. It offers a plethora of all the events imaginable — tournaments, league games, matches. Choose the one that you like and go for it!

They're neatly grouped by category, so you can quickly pick a sports discipline of interest. Let’s take a quick look at what Melbet app can offer us.

Sports unlimited

For starters, we have a classic repertoire of the competitive “genres” that every punter works with on a day-to-day: hockey, soccer, tennis, basketball, volleyball, English cricket, American Major League, and so forth. After all, it's the “meat & potatoes” of the gambling world, so to say.

However, Melbet app isn’t exclusively limited to them. There are more options to explore, among which you’ll even find some truly exotic stuff. This side of the bookie’s portfolio includes Indian kabaddi, dog races, grass hockey, marble curling, speedway motorsports, and so on.

Melbet app isn’t an alien to the newest trends in the sports world. Video games are also on the menu.

If you enjoy watching how cyber gladiators draw pixelated blood, wreck 3D racing cars or display their marksman skills in a shooter game, you can also earn a pound or two by wagering real money on them.

The games included are Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Cyber UFC, Raid: ShadowLegends, Teeken, and many others. Basically, Melbet app is a part of every major cyber-event.

Live bets

Essentially, it's almost like regular sports betting. However, there’s a little nice catch: live betting lets people lay a wager on a team/athlete, even when the match in question has reached its midway.

Hands down, it is fabulous "side meal" to watching a live broadcast of an event. And if you can hear your guts growling that there's an “easy squid to snatch” by making a wager until the match/fight is over, Melbet app is your absolute go-to.

Doubtlessly, our application is a real monster when it comes to betting. But could there be more boons and offerings for you to savor? Let’s investigate!


The Melbet app makes the art of punting effortless. The laconic and intuitive interface is the central X-factor that is responsible for this convenience — it's smartly grouped by categories and features. Let’s see what benefits there are to reap.

Multi Live

For starters, we have a clever know-how known as "Multi Bet". In simple terms, the function allows you to create a “punt basket”. In this metaphorical basket, you can store up to 4 live games. Consequently, manipulating the pre-selected bets becomes a piece of cake .

That's a great know-how delivered by the Melbet app. It liberates players from the diabolical drudgery of having to switch between different bets/games without a pause. Instead, control your wager cluster with just a few taps.


Under the Results tab, players will find the scoreboards. Check them to stay tuned about results + statistics. This feature is quite nifty as it allows you to:

  1. Put your intuition to test . take this exercise as an example. You can select a roster of matches/games and try to predict their outcomes. Pro-tip: gather valuable info about the athletes and teams to make your predictions more accurate.
  2. Use statistics. This will help you understand the win/loss patterns and see which teams/athletes show the best results during a tournament, etc.

Melbet app isn’t just a bookie who accepts your wagers. It also gives you some useful tools, which, if used correctly, will upgrade your punting skills to the "expert" level.

Search & find

The search function is waiting for your orders. Look up games, championship or leagues. Simply provide an alias of the favorite football club or the nickname of a boxer you’re cheering for, and voilà.

The Melbet app accepts the competition bets in every corner of the world — geography isn't a limit here. In plain English, you may provide the name of any given country and check the relevant results.

For instance, if your search request contains “China”, you will learn that there are dozens of events, in which this country participates. They may include the CPR’s football Super League, marble curling, League of Legends, Shanghai Rolex Masters, Tour of Qinghai Lake, or cyber volleyball.

Even more convenience

If you’re rather patriotic when it comes to the "punt hunt", Melbet app has got your back. It’ll automatically detect your location, by reading the IP address.

In consequence, you’ll be offered to lay a wager on the teams/events that exclusively belong to your nation and country. This option, however, may be hindered if a VPN service or a browser like Mimic is active on your device.

Another neat feature is called Live Express. If you’re in a mood to lay a wager right this second, you can choose one of the games proposed by the feature randomly.

While it’s handy for making a quick bet, we also recommend you do some research before wagering.

What Else Is on the Plate?

The Melbet app is dedicated to competitive wagering, first and foremost. But if you feel thirsty for a break from all these predictions, researches and analytics, the application has a few cards and spins up its sleeve. Feel free to examine the other attractions of the Melbet app!

So, if you had hard day, the work has been a nuisance lately or you had to skip a few weekends due to various duties. It's a perfect stress killer. And with the playtime here, you'll forget all the worries. The Melbet app download is here to help you unwind


Let’s swiftly review bonuses and promos.

Welcome package

The bookie offers two exclusive "welcome packages" that players are free to choose from.

The first one is simple, like a pumpkin pie. You'll get a 100 percent match on your initial deposit of up to 100 euros (£85). Of course, you can’t just cash this money in. Instead, you must get into the action and wager it.

Then, after placing your first wager of at least ten euros (£8.5), you will receive a free bet of thirty euros (£25). This is a voucher for a free bet, in other words.

You can bet on almost anything. If it’s your lucky day, you can collect the entire amount of your winnings minus the sum of the bonus. (£25 in this case).

Then, you may withdraw 30 euros if you wager 30 euros at two to one odds. The cool thingy: if your bet is a failure, you will lose absolutely nothing. Literally! So, these two welcoming offers nicely complement each another.

Earnestly speaking, this "welcome bonus" looks quite tempting. So, a Melbet app download is a good place to start if you're diving into the magic sea of laying odds on competitive sports.

Mobile bonus

Here, you have a sui generis chance to snatch some neat incentives for agreeing to use the Melbet app. And rightly so. Below we'll review the methods of installing it on your phone. and, to speak frankly, getting the Android client requires a tidbit of focus-&-effort.

This bonus bundle includes a handsome reward of €10 or £8.5 if we do a bit of currency conversion.

You'll receive this bonus "dosh" when you download Melbet APK for Android or install it on your iPhone. Then, you'll be proposed to set up a new account or extra-verify the one you already posses. As soon as this final stage is over, the gift money will be fully yours to "moneypulate".

This gift "gravy" will be available for 7 calendar days only, starting from the day you've received it. Furthermore, the free gaming must be waged at least once with the minimum odd of 1.4. At the same time, you can select any sporting genre: from table tennis to kabaddi.

By the way, also don’t forget to examine the promo page. There you'll find even more luck-bringing perks and deals to enjoy.

All in all, the Melbet app is bewilderingly generous when it comes to giveaways, perks, and other boons. Unfortunately, some of those are time-limited. So, don't delay and claim what's yours in a lickety-split tempo. Who knows: what if one these bet-offers will make you filthy rich?

Melbet APK on Android: Installation Tips & Tricks

Okay, let’s see how you can get the Melbet APK for your gizmo.

  • Pay a call to this official page .
  • Click the green button on your right, it’s called Download app for Android.
  • The apk. extension file will be stored on your gadget.
  • Open the Downloads folder to locate it.
  • Double-tap the file.
  • Allow "installing mobile applictaions" from the unchecked sources.

It works perfectly fine on most devices, including the old ones, as you need at least Android 4 to make the Melbet APK work properly.

It needs max 60 MB of the disk space after installation. (The overall size may differ from one device to another).

Speaking of the unchecked sources. APKs infected with various malicious thingies are a literal black plague of the mobile market today. They can be crammed with crypto-mining malware, trojans, password-stealers, phishing tools, and so forth.

Don't be too carefree and get yourself a mobile guarding angel: Bitdefender, Quick Heal, Avira, Dr. Web, and others. They won't ask for a penny, but will set up a shield of cyber-protection for your phone and sensitive data. Use the the Melbet app in safety.

Melbet App Download on iPhone

The strategy is pretty much analogous for the iOS users. Here’s what we do:

  • Go to the official website
  • Click the button on your right called Download in the App Store.
  • You’ll be instantly redirected to the download page.

The supported iOS version isn’t specified. But odds are, you will need to have at least iOS 13 or an older operating system to install the application. Otherwise, the phone may simply decline to accept it to your "app family".

Wait until the Melbet app download is over, and then register an account or log in to the existing one.

Melbet App: Pros & Cons


  • Sports betting . A rich cornucopia of the competitive sports to test your good fortune with. From the Asian football leagues to the cricket County Championship — it’s all here.
  • Bonuses . A plethora of perks to enjoy, including Refund on Accumulators, gift money, welcome free spins, and others.
  • Easy payment . No matter which system you prefer — MasterCard, Visa, ePay, Neteller, or Litecoin — odds are the Melbet app accepts it. Besides, it's compatible with many e-wallets and payment platforms that are popular on the local markets: Brazil, India, Russian Federation, etc.
  • Casino . The authentic casino experience is at the tips of your fingers. Play slots, spin the roulette or get a winning hand.
  • GUI . The app’s mechanics are smooth and user-friendly. Navigation is quite intuitive, and you can promptly access any feature in question.
  • Compatibility . The mobile application isn’t too demanding and works fine on older Android gadgets.


  • Supplementary promos . Having more promo games, like Jackpot, could be a nice addition.


Can I really kick my worries and install this app?

Yes, the Melbet app download is completely safe. You can double-check and scan it with a mobile antivirus tool. Great free options are AVG, Kaspersky, Panda Dome, Malwarebytes, and others. Besides, no respectable venue would ever offer an "infectious" application.

Is the mobile bonus still available?

Yes, you can claim it right now.

Whom do I contact in case of technical difficulties?

You can use this help-line: +4-420-38-07-76-01

Does Melbet have a license?

Yes: Curaçao license No. 8048/JAZ.

What do I do if I can’t access the download page?

Use a mobile VPN service: HMA, Cyberghost, and many-many others.

Melbet: Catch Luck with a Net

Download the Melbet app and go berserk with your wagering strategies. But remember: responsible gambling is the best gambling.

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